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LICO (Macau) Limited

custom apparel production for private labels

high quality OEM garment manufacturing



Custom garment manufacturing since 1983, LICO sustains high quality production through superior workmanship and pattern work. We are experts in cut and sewn production and will transform creative designs into beautiful clothing.


Our experienced merchandizing teams offer the best in quality service to ensure that our clients receive the solutions that meet their specific needs. We work closely with our customers to envision the final products while providing professional advice into accomplishing that goal. Because we are the manufacturer, this allows our clients to communicate production needs directly and buy at factory prices.

Most of LICO's customers today are through referrals. Our reputation is built upon customer word-of-mouth. Holding strict and high quality standards while offering flexible production quantities is our promise to our customers. 

We have the know-how that you need



LICO combines all stages of production at our own factories, this enables us to be efficient and competitive within the global market. When our clothing is manufactured on site, we have superior quality control. We have the freedom to make changes and improvements to our garments without the delays experienced by companies that outsource. 


We prioritize fair treatment of our staff, and we ensure that the people producing your clothes are paid fairly, treated respectfully, and working in safe conditions. We have been exporting for over thirty years, and our operating guidelines adhere to internationally accepted human rights standards as well as workplace safety standards for responsible production.


We ensure that our employees are provided a safe and healthy work environment and are not subject to unsanitary or hazardous conditions. We adhere strictly to local labor laws. We do not outsource our work and we are against sweatshop and child labor. 


Our employees are essential to our business, we continuously up-skill our staff and provide a fun, ethical and dynamic work environment. We understand that a supportive work place is a foundation for great work.

To meet today’s high demand for chemically safe and environmentally friendly products, we adhere to strict environmental standards during development and production. We use environmentally friendly technologies wherever possible.

Sustainability is central to how we operate here at LICO. We optimize steps such as computerizing pattern and cutting systems and transitioning most printing to digital processes. These systems improve accuracy and maximizes fabric usage and helps our client on cost savings throughout the production of each garment.


We aim to minimize wastage and energy usage through recycling and conservation practices wherever possible and we are mindful about our carbon footprint to ensure our community imprint is a positive one.


It is our mission to provide quality products for our customers while being a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer.

custom garment manufacturer for private label

your teammate

When it comes to business, communication is very important. That's why you will get a knowledgeable and dedicated contact person to work with you and your team the whole way. From development to sampling and critiques, to production and shipment, someone will be exclusively working together with you.

Your success starts with our knowledge and expertise!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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